The tables at El Plata

The tables at El Plata are old casino tables to make you feel at home. We added red, blue, green and yellow laminates that form a great multicoloured mosaic. The contrast with the original elements of the venue (plaster mouldings and marble skirtings, mirror-covered columns) invites us to enjoy the present and the history of the Iberian Cabaret created by Bigas Luna.

At El Plata we serve afternoon coffee and liquors, evening drinks and bites and tapas at night. We also offer dinner with a menu of dishes to share and gastronomic delights to savour before watching the show. On weekends, we serve late night drinks with the “Bomba del Plata”, a racier version of our cabaret.

The menu


Crema de cardo con almendras, almendra tostada, picatostes y albahaca


Ensalada de endivias, arenque, cherrys, maíz y vinagrata de miel-mostaza portobello gratinado

Relleno de panceta ibérica y queso azul, con trufa negra


Corvina al orio de tomate con verduras asadas

Ossobuco de ternera guisado al oporto


Frosting de queso, manzana asada
y teja de wanton frito con canela

Vino tinto Pirineos (1 botella cada 3 comensales o 2 copas por comensal) agua mineral y pan

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